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Cottonwood for Axe Targets

When it comes to axe throwing, it's important to have the right kind of wood for your target. While many people may immediately think of pine or oak, there's another type of wood that is superior to the rest: cottonwood.

Cottonwood can be found in many parts of North America, but our boards come specifically from a local Tennessee mill. We work with the mill to get the boards freshly cut and sized to fit our target lanes' needs. We get our boards delivered "green", which is another way of saying freshly cut.

Cottonwood is known for being relatively soft, which means it's easier to work with than some other types of wood. However, it's also strong enough to withstand the impact of an axe. It's a desirable wood in the axe throwing community because it does not require much force for the axe to stick.

Another major advantage of cottonwood is its ability to retain moisture, which is a key element to axe throwing. If the wood retains its moisture, a type of self-healing event occurs when an axe is removed from the board. It's as if a wound closes up. Fascinating!

So come check out our cottonwood targets at our Cool Springs location. They're a lot of fun to throw on and you may surprise yourself how easy it could be with our expert coaches here to help!


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