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4 Axe Throwing Games You Can Play

What!? There are games? Yes! Bring a friend and see if you've got what it takes! We have 4 different games for the competitive side in you ;)

#1 Cricket

2-4 Players (Can be on teams or individual)

Each player/team must hit all numbers on the board 3 times, putting up 1 mark for each time the number is hit. Once the number has been hit 3 times that number is "Closed Out". The first team to close out all of their numbers wins!

#2 2-21

2-4 Players (Can be teams or individual)

For each throw add the number of points scored. The first person/team to score an EVEN 21 wins. If you go over 21 your score goes back down to 15.

#3 3-Sticks

2-4 Players

Each thrower gets 3 throws per turn. The first thrower will add up their points and then the second thrower will need to match that same number of points. If they do not match the number of points in 3 throws they receive a "S". Now switch and let the other player throw first.

#4 Best of 5

1-4 Players

Beginner-each player takes 5 throws to try and hit all numbers in order up and down 1-2-3-4-Bullseye-4-3-2-1

*First player to complete the round wins


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