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A Super Bowl Sunday for Everyone

Do you love football?

-The Big Game will be playing on all 4 TV's

Do you hate football?

- No need to watch TV while you are here, just grab an axe and have a blast

Could you take it or leave it when it comes to football?

-Keep up with the scores while you score yourself some big points on the target

Did your team throw an interception at the end of the game and not make it to the super?

- What better way to get out your frustration than to throw an axe!

However you feel about the Super Bowl, we've got the place for you!! For Sunday Feb 13th ONLY, bring your favorite snack and enjoy the afternoon or evening with us! We will be showing the Super Bowl on all 4 TV's while we also have 13 lanes open for Axe Throwing. You can watch the game while you throw, you can ignore the game while you throw, or you can come after the game to get some aggression out or celebrate!

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